Sample Letters (SVHC Communication)

Communication in the supply chain (up and down) on information about chemicals is one of the main features of REACH. 

Related to the obligations about SVHC you may receive letters inquiring SVHC content of your products or you may be in a position that you need to inquire your local or international suppliers about the same subject. We have some sample letters here about different needs related to SVHC inquiries that you may use for communication with your suppliers. 

Please note: Those letters are prepared to help you and should not considered as legal advices. Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association does not accept any legal responsibility for any errors, omissions or misleading statements.

LETTER TYPE 1 - Your response to your customers asking about SVCH and other REACH obligations 


LETTER TYPE 2 - Inquiry Letter to your suppliers about SVHC content of their products


Click on the link for more information:  Communication in the supply chain and Obligations related to SVHC Candidate List 

Legal notice

This page contains the guidance for completing the legal requirements. The only reliable source of law is the legislation itself. This site does not hold constituents for legal advice. IMMIB does not accept any legal reponsibility for the content of this site.



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