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The Matra Pre-accession Projects Programme (MPAP), part of the Matra Programme for European Co-operation, aims to support candidate countries  with accession related issues through bilateral co-operation projects. Projects focus mainly on institutional strengthening and transfer of knowledge in the area of European legislation.

The project  named “Awareness Raising on REACH and CLP Regulations for Turkish Chemical Industry and Building up Regional Industrial helpdesks” is to contribute to the accession of Turkey to the EuropeanUnion in the practical implementation of the REACH and CLP Regulations under the framework of G2G.NL Program including Environmental Facility. The project purpose is to enhance capacity in public, semi-public and trade organizations to provide practical support to the chemical sector on the implementation of the REACH and CLP Regulations and raising awareness of the REACH and CLP Regulations in Turkey. 

The project has being carried out by Directorate General for Export Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade (UFT) and Chemicals Management Department, General Directorate for Environmental Management, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) with Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment since January 2010.  The project was formally set up  on 1st of January 2010 and it is expected to complete on 31st of March 2011.  

The stakeholders (5) for the present project are:

  • Export Promotion Centre of Turkey (IGEME)
  • Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Associations (IMMIB) (Turkish Industry REACH&CLP Helpdesk)
  • Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD)
  • The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)
  • Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) 

Within the Project the following Project Results are anticipated to be achieved:

  1. Development and establishment of Industrial REACH helpdesks in selected regions in Turkey;
  2. Training programme developed and implemented for staff of the REACH heldesks (and relatedstakeholders): Industrial REACH helpdesks capable of assisting Turkish companies in meeting theREACH requirements for exports to Europe;
  3. Information dissemination and awareness raising programme developed and implemented: Turkishchemical industry (producers; exporters; importers) informed about and aware of REACH problemsand opportunities. 

Summary of project activities has been done so far  are indicated below:

  • Kick-off meeting was held in Istanbul  on 25 th February 2010 with around 100 target participants (stakeholders, public institutions/company representatives).
  • REACH and CLP mini-guides  translated in Turkish to enable continued use after project completion.  These mini-guides (11) listed can be reached on the webpage. 
  • General REACH&CLP training focussing on  procedural aspects of REACH/CLP with around 30 participants from KOSGEB, IMMIB, TOBB, MOEFand UFT was held in Antalya of 4 days (26 – 29 April 2010).
  • In-depth REACH and CLP training, focussing on specific contents of REACH and CLP  (RA/CSA, C&L specifics ) with around 30 participants from KOSGEB, IMMIB, TOBB, MOEFand UFT was held in Ankara for 4 days (8 – 11 June 2010). 
  • The first PAC meeting was held on  9 June 2010 in İstanbul to discuss project progress and the implementation of the further project activities. 
  • A presentation/communication training on “train the trainer “, with focus on forthcoming information dissemination seminars  was held in Ankara (14 – 15 September 2010).

  • The study tour to the Netherlands (11 – 14 October 2010). 

  • Information dissemination seminars in the region of contact points during which project team and Turkish experts will explain REACH and CLP to industrial audiences.

REACH and CLP mini-guides (translated also to Turkish) are indicated below:



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